Creating Midi Track Annoyance -

Hey all,

I’m working with cubase 8.035 on win 10. I’m connecting to 4 vst3 instances of Vienna Ensemble. Each of these has 8 virtual midi ports. When I create a midi instrument via double clicking on the project window OR key command/right click on the track list. I always assumed the normal behavior was to create a midi track from the same port but increasing in number. So if, for instance, I was creating a track below VEPStrings Port1 midi-ch1, the next track would be VEPStrings Port1 Midi-ch2. This behavior seemed consistent enough…until recently. For some reason Cubase keeps creating the midi tracks on a port wayyyy above where the ‘selected’ port is.

Does that make sense? Here’s a small vid of the issue. (sorry its poor quality but you should get the idea)



same here! looks like a bug