Creating multiple parts from a chord

I saw somewhere that you can create multiple parts from a chord, but I don’t know how to do that. For example: I have a piano part with chords and I want to divide those chords into separate lines for 3 solo instruments. How can that be done? And could I specify, for example, that the top notes of the chord passage be assigned to clarinet, the middle notes to cello and the bottom notes to bass clarinet?

If this is possible, it is an awesome feature.

Thanks in advance to all of you wonderful people who are willing to guide a newbie through Dorico 4 [actually Dorico Elements 4]. This seems to be a very generous community!

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Select and copy your chords (ctrl-C).
Select your target instruments and edit>paste special>explode

It’s not fool proof and success depends on how many notes in chord, how many voices are present, and how many target instruments. But it usually does a pretty good job.

You can also do it manually, with a midi keyboard, on consecutive staves by selecting the top stave you want to enter into, activating note input (Shift +N) and tapping down across all the relevant staves to extend the ‘carat’.

Then any chord you play on the keyboard will be split across those staves in the voicing you’ve played.

That can be a quicker technique even if you have the chords already entered on another stave, as you may need to revoice them or change the number of notes etc.

Many thanks! I’ll try it.

Thank you. I’ll try it!