Creating new bar from note in a triplet removes all music from staff

I use the bars popover to add a new bar. This results in all music for that instrument from that note onward being deleted. Am I doing something wrong here? Please see this video: new bar create - YouTube (See that before the new bar is created, the first violin part is filled with notes in all visible systems, and it is completely empty afterwards)

The file is an imported MusicXML file. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Inputting bars/beats with the popover says

Though it’s an undocumented limitation, you’re trying to add a bar in the middle of a tuplet, and Dorico seemingly can’t handle that.
Follow the instructions above accurately and it’ll work fine.

(and by the way, in recent versions the “+” requirement has been dropped from the Shift+B popover - you can type “1” rather than “+1” to add a bar)

Thank you for your answer. I am selecting the last note of the bar though. This is also the last note of a triplet. I think that’s clearly visible in the video. :wink:

(And I can work around it, by selecting the barline, but this is still a valuable bug report if this was not yet known, right?)

“select a note BEFORE which you want to add a barline”. You’re selecting a note AFTER which you want to add a barline.
Just follow the instructions!

Thank you for taking time for your patient answers. So according to that help article, Dorico should have created the bar before the bar I selected the last note from. (It doesn’t say that you should select the first note of the bar, does it?) Instead, it creates one bar after the note I select (which is inconsequent with the help file but feels very logical to me), and as a bonus it removes music.

Thank you again for your answers, but as I said I have already worked around it and this is merely a bug report which I hope is useful to the developers.

The help article says that the barline will be inserted before the selected note.
The language might be confusing but read it two or three times and it becomes clear.
What you were trying to do is add a barline 2/3 of the way through a triplet. Dorico can’t split a tuplet and it can’t put a barline in the middle of a tuplet. This is not a bug; this is a known limitation.

And no, it doesn’t say that you should select the first note of the bar, because, unless you’re dealing with tuplets, you can put a barline anywhere you like. You COULD put a barline midway through an existing beat or bar.

Very handy indeed that you can add a new bar anywhere in another bar. I just updated the topic title to cover this very specific situation with triplets.