Creating new category of Playing Techniques?

Dorico 3.5 Pro.

In the Engrave/Playing Techniques menu item, is it possible to create a new Category (where I can store my own created techniques for Spitfire’s Eric Whitacre Choir - there’s millions of them!). If not, this might be a handy feature for version 4?



I too would welcome the ability to group, sort and filter both playing and playback techniques.


I assume there’s not any new feature recently been added which enables this? I’m just about to embark on create a series of organ stops and I still cannot see any way to create a category or folder to keep them together. If there still isn’t, it would be very much appreciated if this could be added as it seems an obvious thing to be able do which has gone under the radar to date. Thanks!

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No, there’s no way to create your own playing technique categories.

thanks, Daniel – of course I know that Expression Maps development and related stuff was given a bit of a rest with all the other priorities and great features in Dorico 4. Perhaps with v5 there will again be some focus in that direction :smiley: