Creating new cycle markers


In Cubase 6.5 I used to add cycle markers inside marker tracks to mark verses and choruses in different colors.
This way I knew where the parts start and end. The method I used was to hold down cmd key (on mac) and click and drag inside the marker track area, and a cycle marker was created.
In cubase 8.5 it doesn’t happen, I tried with other key kombinations and it won’t work.

After reading the operation manual, I found that it should work on Cubase 8.5 as well to hold down cmd key and click and drag. But for some reason it doesn’t work when I do it. Nothing happens when I click on the add cycle marker button as well. Is this a known bug in Cubase 8.5.0? Did I forget to do something?
Thanks in advance

Works here on Windows.
CTRL drag to insert cycle marker, and ALT to insert regular markers.

It works for me on Cubase 6.5, but not on Cubase 8.5 (I’ve got them both installed on my mac computer)
Wonder what the problem could be


It works here with Cubase 8.5.20 on Mac OS X 10.10.

I’m happy to hear that it works for you.

Does anyone have a suggestion why it could be disabled here?
It looks like the whole marker track is disabled and all the funktions within the marker window are greyed out

Okay, the marker track was locked and the lock button was hidden.
I revealed the button and unlocked it. Now Everything is back to normal.

OMG silly me

I’m glad to hear it works for you now.