Creating new instruments into a kit

I have 5 instruments that I would like to combine into a single percussion kit to save space on the layout. Every instrument triggers an FX from a library that is loaded in Kontakt and Play and needs only a single line.

Because only unpitched percussion can be combined into a kit, I started creating a player (which I named FX) and gave him 5 Anvils. After that I renamed them into the FX instrument names and combined them into a kit. However, inside the kit, only the real chosen instrument names are showing. So I have now 5 anvils in the kit. Is there a way to override this without loosing the real Anvil or is there a way to create a new instrument from scratch?

You don’t need to worry about the names that show up in the kit editor dialog: the right names show up in the score, after all. However, you might find it easy to keep things straight if you use five different instruments as the basis for your FX instruments rather than all of them using Anvil, since you will need to define different playing techniques for each one to trigger different sounds in your sample player.

Thanks, Daniel. I created 4 different unpitched percussion instruments. (the prepared piano is better of on his own part). One more thing: is there a way to have the percussion lines act independent? Right now they are clearly connected in the way it’s notated as can be seen in the screenshot:

You can set each instrument to use its own voice, but when the grid lines are close like that, you’ll find that less clear, because the notes will all be offset from one another. You might find it better to use the “single-line” presentation type (on the Players page of Layout Options) and set the staff gaps such that those single-line instrument are as close together as possible.