Creating new midi note lanes for VSTis

A lot of the time I will record the same VSTi to multiple tracks, but I can’t seem to figure out how to create new note lanes for the VIs. I am sure that it used to be as simple as right-clicking on the main VSTi and selecting ‘create new note lane’ but this option doesn’t appear to be there any more.

If you select ‘duplicate track’ it duplicates the everything, including creating a new instance of the VSTi.

Anyone know how to do this in Cubase 9?


Have you clicked on the ‘Show Lanes’ button that appears on each track to the right of the ‘R W’ buttons?

Look on page 166 of the latest manual PDF for more information.


thanks for your reply. I eventually figured out that the note lanes were accessible on the track control. It just wasn’t obvious to me.

Thanks again!