Creating New Projects from Templates

Sometimes I create a new project to start working on or to quickly explore an idea. Commonly these ideas may not lead to anything worth saving, so I just quit the project without doing so. I just recently discovered that I have countless project folder locations that aren’t attached to any actual Cubase project because of this. Is there a way for these folders to be automatically cleaned up and deleted if the created project is not actually saved? Am I missing something in my workflow?

The way i personally tackle this is ;

  • Setup a folder as a TEMP project folder

if i’m going to keep what ive been working on i ‘Back up project’ so the full project will be saved with it’s own directory . You have to make sure the option to 'keep current project open is unticked otherwise if you back up the project it will still point the project to the TEMP folder which leads to a world of pain .

Every time you open a template it should automatically point straight to the TEMP folder , this way you only ever have one folder for all your trials

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I’ll try this moving forward, but seems like the workflow should be a bit smoother in regards to this.

It could do with an overhaul but once you know these little tricks it’s not a biggy , even if ,once you have Backed up your project when you reopen a template , if it doesn’t point to the temp folder it only takes a second to repoint the template to save . The important thing is to manually setup a temp folder otherwise when you close the project or templete without saving it will delete the folder