Creating new track(s) crashes Nuendo 11

When creating new track(s) in a session, Nuendo crashes, just after the created tracks appear.
Selecting no output doesn’t solve the problem. Mono, stereo, instrument, group, fx tracks, they all cause a crash.

Re-opening the session doesn’t contain the new tracks, nor is there a back-up session (new version found prompting when loading the session )

After a few attempts, the session will not load at all and Nuendo crashes when opening the session.

Importing all tracks from the (corrupted ?) session into a new empty one (not even a template) works for a couple of times, but after some time, adding a new track again forces Nuendo to crash.

Happens on different sessions, different profiles, different machines, different prefs, different templates . . .


Help us help you: Please include the following info:

  1. Computer and its details.
  2. Operating system.
  3. Nuendo version.
  4. What, if anything changed before Nuendo began to consistently crash. Opoerating system / security updates? Plug in upgrades / New plug in installed?
  5. What did you do before replicating the issue, did you throw out preferences? Did you start Nuendo in safe mode?


Hi Noeqplease,

  1. MacPro 2013, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD
  2. MacOs Mojave Version 10.14.6
  3. 10.3 & 11 (happens on both versions )
  4. Constantly keeping everything up to date, once in a while a new plug-in is bought.
  5. I did practically everything, new prefs, new profile, re-install etc.
    It happens in our company with several sessions on different machines. iMac 2017 & MacPro 2013
    All machines have the same spec’s as mentioned in 1 & 2
    An empty session (no template) starts good, we can add tracks, but all of a sudden, further in the project, some sessions will start crashing on creating new tracks.
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