Creating new tracks in play mode

If you’re using VST instruments… when you go to add a new instrument can you really not just add a track in the play view? Do you have to go to write, add some random instrument you don’t want and then go back into play to re-assign it? Then go back and rename it from “piano” to the actual instrument/sound?

No. (If I understand this request correctly). Dorico starts from the premise that players hold instruments, and instruments are then assigned to sounds, which are then sourced from VSTs.

No. You start in Setup and add the instrument you do want, except in the rare case that Dorico does not already know about that instrument (eg. Musical Box or Bodhran), where, yes, you need to create a proxy and re-name it. Dorico will then attempt to find a suitable sound to playback according to whatever playback template is being used (I have absolutely no idea how it manages to do this), but you have complete freedom to change the sound to a VST patch of your choice.

Thanks. That’s what I feared. I know the answer as to why things are made more long-winded than they need be is that; “It’s the Dorico way”, but jeez it’s all so unnecessary.

What would your alternative look like, and how would it be ‘better’?

Well, do you mean better or “better”?

By the quotes Janus means what you would think is better. New ideas are not unwelcome.

Quotes tend imply sarcasm.

Is that how you meant them?
I think, with people posting here from all over the world, it may be dangerous to try to assume the tone of a remark. Most folks here are quite civil even when they disagree.


I used quotes because I was quoting what I heard someone say about Dorico.

The better way is to have an “Add” button to add a new track, and I can then assign my instrument. Job done.

So are you wanting to add an ‘instrument’ or a ‘player’? Instruments cannot exist without players to hold them (that is the Dorico way…) I can only imagine that your ‘Add’ button would simply route you to setup…

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