Creating new voices for reduced SATB choral score in Dorico Elements 3

Hi there!
Can someone help me. I’m composing a carol for SATB but on 2 staves, having selected the reduced score on 2 rather than 4sytaves option for SATB. I’m using Dorico Elements 3. I’ve written out the Sop tune in one stave and the Bass in the other stave, but I cannot fill in the middle parts, requiring the second voice (stems down for Alto line in top stave, and stems up for Tenor line in bottom stave). When I follow the instructions on the video to select the voices, it merely changes the original note in the Sop line or Bass line. How do I successfully write out the other inner parts?

Welcome to the forum, Colin! Take a look at this page in the operation manual and let us know if you still have problems.

Thanks so much. It helped for creating the alto line underneath the soprano part. However, when I came to filling in the tenor line in the bass staff, using the shift N and V options, it merely made the tenor line appear with stems down like the bass line and the notes appearing to one side, not together with the stems up and down like in the sop/alto staff. Any suggestions?

The tenor line is going to use the default voice, Upstem Voice 1. The bass voice would use Downstem Voice 1, which you would have to create on that staff using Shift-V.

Voices are staff-specific, so you need to create a downstem voice for each staff in which it appears.

Thanks. I’ll remember to write the Tenor line first. It’s easier. Now how do I get rid of unwanted rests? They appear even whn I have notes in all 4 voices! Thanks,

Hmm… can you show a screenshot, so I can see what you mean? Before taking a screenshot, turn on View–Voice Colors.

Edit–Remove Rests is the typical solution, but I want to make sure you’re doing things correctly.

Check Notation Option > Rests. The very first item.

I’ve solved it now. Just ckick on tedt, edit, remove rest😀