Creating Objects in the Dolby Atmos ADM Author Assistant

I am having some trouble creating objects in the ADM Author assistant.

So I watched this video, and it seems some things are missing or not explained fully

So I have followed along. First thing that wasn’t explained properly is when you create the Rendered and Bed, then you nee to change your setup for the monitoring of this in the Audio Connections.

So I have done this.

Then in the video it shows how you can create objects for the selected tracks. So I have selected some tracks, and then when I go to the ADM Author and choose to create an object for the selected tracks nothing happens.

Am I missing a step somewhere?

I’m also using headphones, so I have set the Downmix to Binaural.

Ok, after a bit of fiddling and searching around I see that the problem is you can’t create objects from MIDI on Instruments. They need to be audio tracks. So I have rendered the instruments in place and now can create objects. But the Cubase Youtube videos still seem a bit vague and unclear on how to set everything up. Hope they update the videos soon

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