Creating part layouts


Since I think it’s an easy question and I wasn’t able to find anything, I’m just assuming I am a bit dumb on this.

I’m on a big orchestra flow. I would like to create parts for each single instruments (Piccolo, Flutes — Cellos, Db).
Now, when I create a new Layout it selects ALL staves, leaving me the only option to deselect them from the left. Is there a faster way of creating part for 35 instruments?


Basically, all part layouts should already be created for you… if you create new ones, take care that you are actually creating a part layout and and not another score layout…

this is what I have when I create a new part layout
Schermata 2017-03-10 alle 22.17.42.png

Maybe this is relevant …

I tried that, but when I create a new part it still has every other instruments along with it…


Did you look here?
If you choose a part from that menu, in the engrave section, you’ll see the part’s master pages.

Unfonrtunately yes
Schermata 2017-03-11 alle 10.46.35.png

That solution will not fix your current project, but it should prevent it from happening on new projects…

And if you want, I could probably fix your current project if you zip it up and attach it here or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Hello Daniel,
thank you very much!

This is the score I’m working on.

The file is 5 Mb, I uploaded on an external site, hope it’s fine.


I’ve fixed up your project so that when you add a new part layout, it won’t get any players by default, and you can simply assign the single player you want to be in that layout. Download it here:

The file is only available there for 7 days, so grab it soon!

Thanks Daniel!

You are awesome as always :smiley: