Creating pauses in audio tracks

Hi all,
I have an audio track that I want to create pauses in for the singer. How is this done? Every search I do related to “pause” only generates topics about bugs in Cubase.
I’m thinking that I need to use a Tempo track or Time Warp. I tried a tempo track but it doesn’t sound natural.

Sidebar to forum developers Please change the font to a sans-serif font! Use Segoe UI, Calibri, or even the very dated Verdana. Anything’s better than the serif font you’re currently using. Serif fonts are very hard to read even on quality screens.

you can cut your audio in pieces and arrange it with spaces between the pieces… this generates pauses…

you can apply styles to the forum as you like; this can change the font as well

Many thanks, st10ss!

I wasn’t sure about the font change. Glad it can be done. I really like the live preview in the right pane. Very nice touch!

I see we can change the style to dark or something similar but I don’t see how to change the fonts, unless they are embedded in the style, which is normal. I don’t care for the dark styles. Too hard on the eyes. Are there any other ways to just alter the fonts? There’s nothing specific in the Interface category about fonts.