Creating performance notes

What is the recommended way to create performance notes that only show the notation in question (e.g., individual notes with certain additional symbols)? I would like to briefly explain certain notations without any distracting irrelevant information.

Is there perhaps already a way to hide clefs, staff lines etc. so that only bare notes are shown?

If that is not possible (yet), what else do you suggest for this purpose? I could combine individual music text symbols as text, which should work well in principle, but I have difficulties to accurately position multiple individual symbols into a single instruction.

It is possible to nudge individual symbols in separate text frames in different directions, but seemingly always by the same amount with alt-arrow key combinations, and this amount does not necessarily end up in suitable alignments. Other key combinations for nudging notes make no difference for me – am I missing something here?

Also, I find it difficult to move such combinations of symbols in separate text frames to align them suitably on the overall page. Is it perhaps possible to somehow group frames, like multiple elements can be grouped in a graphics application? It seems that in principle it is possible to select multiple such symbols in separate text frames to move them together, but so far I could select three or more of them at once only accidentally. Standard shortcuts like shift-click or selecting them together with the mouse seem not to work for me.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations!


You cannot hide staves completely and have musical symbols floating apparently in mid-air at present, I’m afraid. You should find that using Bravura Text rather than Bravura makes it easier to position the musical symbols in-line with regular text, since the metrics of Bravura Text are designed to be much closer to a regular text font than those of Bravura which, by necessity, uses a fairly extreme line height.

If you are struggling to position frames relative to one another, ensure they have the same kind of constraints applied (in the Frames section of the left-hand panel in Engrave mode) and then check that their properties are set consistently with each other.