Creating rehearsal numbers

I read in the manual herethat to create a rehearsal mark I should type shft-A. I do this. Then I go to the properties panel and set sequence type to number, with Globally selected.

I repeat shft-A for the next rehearsal number and the rehearsal mark is again shown as A, when I expected it to be 2.

Clearly I havent understood the instructions. What am I doing wrong, please?



I think you’re better off setting it to numbers in Engraving Options->Rehearsal marks.


Many thanks, Jesper!

The help file might incorporate this advice…


De nada David.


Global options are in Engraving options. Layout based options are in Layout options. Flow based options are in Notation options. It’s really worth knowing this.


David, the page you’ve linked to doesn’t say anything about going and mucking with Properties to change the sequence type, so that’s some extemporisation on your own part. If you also try searching for “rehearsal mark sequence” you’d very quickly be taken to e.g. this page.

I don t doubt what you say, Daniel. The point is that it would never ever occur to me that I was supposed to search for an expression as technical and arcane (to me) as rehearsal mark sequence. :smiley:

And, unfortunately, this is not a unique situation in my interaction with the Dorico documentation. :smiley:


As Marc said, It’s always a good idea to check the Engraving/Layout/Notation options before having to manually change something in the property panel.


It’s also a really good idea to bookmark the latest version of the documentation, which (at the date of writing) is Dorico Help and then searching it directly rather than depending on Google.

In this case the v3.5 documentation isn’t much more helpful than the v1.2 documentation, but in many cases it is.

In fact, the equivalent page in the current 3.5 for changing the sequence type (e.g. to “number”) is significantly improved in terms of your question David, as it now includes a tip about changing the default sequence type in Engraving Options. It is now my “standard practice” to document how to change items individually, if possible, and then direct users to the equivalent default setting (in the Pro manual, where that setting isn’t accessible for Elements/SE users). Unfortunately that tip was missing in the v1 manual, but has since been added in this case. Likewise added to the 3.5 manual is a hint/pointer towards changing rehearsal mark indexes or sequence types at the end of the task for inputting them.

I’ve made a note to double-check what metadata exists in that topic, in case some other key words might make it easier to find.

Additionally, I’d recommend going to the “introductory” topic for a notation if you’re not sure what to look for - admittedly some of the oldest topics of this type aren’t always as helpful, but for some time now I’ve made a point of introducing/mentioning some key bits of functionality and operations in those topics. For rehearsal marks, the hint about changing the sequence type to numbers or bar numbers is there (as a way of pairing up the terminology used with the desired end results in explicit terms, to try to help people who wouldn’t immediately think “sequence type” or other similar, “official” terms).

It would be nice if we could set the option for letters or numbers on a per flow basis.
I have a score that uses letters for one section but numbers for the remainder.

I can change an individual mark to numbers via the properties panel, but the setting does not stick, so I’m forced to change each rehearsal mark individually (although I suppose I could wait until I’m done and change them all at once, although this would make navigation more difficult).

Fortunately Dorico does remember the sequence, so I don’t have to change the index for each number.

Select More will select all rehearsal marks in that flow, allowing you to change their properties in one shot.

Yes, I referenced this in my message, but it would make navigation more difficult (for me, anyway).