Creating repeat ending including bar rest


I want to create a first repeat ending wich has a bar rest in the first endings last bar, but Dorico won’t include this bar (having the bar rest) in the first ending. Am I missing something? I know about the special nature of implicit bar rests, but I think, including the bar with the rest automatically should be the expected behavior.
Any help appreciated. THX!

When I tried to recreate this behavior in a cut down project, it worked as expected. So I will analyze, why it did not work in my special project…

Here is a demo of what happens in this special project:

Here is the project file:

Have yourself (unfertig).dorico (601.5 KB)

It could be because that bar rest is being handled as a multi-bar rest – what happens when you just select the barlines at the start and end of where you want the first ending to go, then input the repeat ending?

Select the barline where you want the repeat and create it first. Then select the three bars of the first time ending and add that.

There is no multi-bar-rest as far as I can see and selecting barlines does not help:

Thank you for your reply.
Interestingly this does not work in this project.
Furthermore I discovered that I cannot create a repeat-barline after the bar- rest using using the popover (SHIFT-B, “:||”) but only by using the right toolbar…

Well, it worked on the file you posted!

Lillie’s correct: because the bar rest is being treated by Dorico as a multi-bar rest, albeit one that is only one bar in length, Dorico isn’t including that bar in the selection you’re making. You have a few options to sort it out.

Either you can go to the Players page of Layout Options and set Consolidate to None, then create your repeat ending, and then set Consolidate to Multi-bar rests again.

Or you can cut the end repeat barline to the clipboard and paste it on the following barline, then select the repeat ending, grab the circular handle between the first and second endings, and drag it rightwards so that it snaps to the next barline.

… Or you could switch to your full score layout, where multi-bar rests aren’t consolidated by default, and input the repeat ending there: the bar rest in the full score layout without multi-bar rests is just a standard empty bar, so inputting the repeat ending works as expected.


Thank you for your replies. I think switching to full score layout is indeed the fastest way to achieve what I want. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it would be better if Dorico would not deny including a multirest (esp. when one would not consider it to be one) when creating an ending. Or, if this behavior is not possible/desired, it could show a message telling that multirests can’t be included in this case. Thanks for considering.

Yes, indeed, I agree that it should allow you to create a repeat ending over a multi-bar rest, and I spent some time yesterday making sure that it can, so this will be addressed in future versions.

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Daniel, thank you very much! Highly appreciated!