Creating rests in 1/8

I have a passage in 1/8 time for unaccompanied flute.
Sometimes the flute is not playing in a particular bar.
Dorico places a whole-bar (ie semibreve) rest , which is correct according to music theory.
But I would like to overwrite these semibreve rests with the actual length, ie quaver rests.
Can I do this, and how ?
Thanks, Peter

You will likely have to do this manually with explicit rests, but you may want to try ALT+Click to see if you can replicate the notation from one measure to another.

Hi thanks
I have just found the answer in the manual under ‘Forcing the duration of notes/rests’

You can also repeat one or more explicit rests with R.

I would say showing rest durations in empty bars in changing meters shorter than 3/8 is common practice. Even in straight 1/8 it’s sensible.


Before posting the query I looked through the Preferences but could not find anything.

I think it would be a good suggestion for an extra option in a future version of Dorico -

‘Where bar length is shorter than (give a value) bar rest should show durations rather than semibreve’ or something like that.

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What’s the point of 1/8? Surely there’s going to be some kind of larger pulse, even if irregular. Or is the music composed of much smaller note values?

Well, it’s four times as long as 1/32 obviously.

(Boulez - Structures Ib)

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