Creating Sample Pages for Selling The Score


I was wondering if there is a setting (Most Probably in Engrave Mode) That lets you add huge low opacity watermarks over the score page as a sample for online selling?

I managed to add an image over the score in Engrave Mode but cant seem to edit the opacity of the image for the notes to be seen through.

Thanks guys

It’s in the Annotations section on the Print Mode right panel.

Yes but the Watermark option is not turned on…

Screenshot 2023-04-08 140317

Pro v Elements perhaps?

No it’s the Pro Version

What are the other settings in that side panel?

But no matter what i change (Printer, Color, Type, etc.) the watermark doesn’t seem to change…

You have to choose “Color” instead of “Mono” to enable the watermark.

I did, it doesn’t change it.

The only thing that greys out the Watermark is selecting Mono Graphics, as far as I can tell.

Make sure you’re selecting the correct Layout, and with a valid page range.

If all else fails, there are millions of PDF utilities that will add a watermark to a PDF.

Hmm … it’s greyed out for me too. I haven’t used that feature recently, but I know I have before in the past and it worked then.

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Neither mono nor colour graphics leads to a greyed out watermark option for me!

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Ok, I think this is just a bug. I’m on Windows 11 so perhaps it’s a Win vs Mac bug. It won’t work on a score layout when initially switching to Print mode, but once I click a Part layout then it becomes selectable. Once I switch back to the score layout, I then can select it too. However, it still doesn’t work. The watermark never appears with View options toggled, and doesn’t show in the resultant PDF export.

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It might be in the settings…

I already did my samples. I just want to use this function since its there and it would help me just get it done faster. :upside_down_face:

Are you on Windows or Mac? Just curious if this is a Win thing.

Yeah I’m on Windows. That might be the issue…

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I think this is a bug with the Windows version then. I did use this feature a few years back, so it used to work at least. No idea when it stopped working.

The watermark appears for me in Windows and prints at least in PDF’s.


No. I’m also on Windows. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of print/layout settings, new and old projects, and watermark is always available!