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Huh. I don’t know then. I just realized another factor that makes this even more odd. I opened an old Dorico 2.2 file and I can add a watermark to it …

… but if I try the same to a new file created from File / New then it doesn’t work.

Try reverting the Layout Options to Factory Defaults, and see if that changes anything. (Assuming it’s a document setting problem.)

At least for me, that didn’t make a difference.

It seems to work on files from January 2023, but not a file from February 2023. Dorico 4.3.20 was released 2/15, perhaps this started with that release.

OK. It has happened to me, but I can’t reliably reproduce it.

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Ok, another clue. I removed my DefaultLibraryAdditions folder, deleted my userlibrary.xml file, restarted Dorico, created a new file from File / New, and it works. I restored my userlibrary.xml file, restarted Dorico, and it’s broken again. It seems to be affected by something in the userlibrary.xml file, but not sure what.

AFAIK my userlibrary.xml is Factory Default on this PC.

It occurs if I hop around the layouts, changing print settings and adding/removing watermarks. At some point the watermark will become unavailable, but might still be available in a different layout. Thereafter behaviour seems pretty random - the watermark might become available again, or not!

Any time you hit the Save as Default button or star, what it’s really doing is writing that setting into your userlibrary.xml file. Unless you are completely using factory defaults for everything, there should be at least some data in there. For testing, I’ll sometimes just put it in a zip file (so Dorico won’t load it) then delete it. Dorico will recreate it using all defaults so if there’s something different it will show up. It’s easy to unzip and be back working again too.

I’m poking through my userlibrary.xml file now, but haven’t found anything suspicious yet.

On this PC everything is factory default, except for some keyboard shortcuts.

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With my DefaultLibraryAdditions restored, watermarking works reliably with the factory userlibrary.xml file, but not with my userlibrary.xml file. I tried changing the Print Watermark Font to Academico just in case too. I have no idea if I changed any settings in my file in mid-February, but files prior to that (which load the userlibrary.xml file at creation) work ok, and files after that don’t. I suspect something changed with the 4.3.20 release that doesn’t like something in the userlibrary file, but no idea what. I’ll play around with it another few minutes and then I’m giving up as I would likely just do this in Acrobat anyway.

Ok, sorta solved it. I deleted the entry in my userlibrary.xml file for Print Watermark Font and it now works.

After testing a bit more it seems like starting in 4.3.20 the Print Watermark Font cannot have a Parent font or it won’t work. If I manually set the font without a Parent then it’s fine.

So to recap: on Windows it seems like starting in 4.3.20 if the existing userlibrary.xml file uses a Parent font for the Print Watermark Font style, then the watermark no longer works. If the style is unchanged from factory, or has a style manually set without a parent, then it works. The watermark checkbox was only greyed out for me when I started this, and has worked since, so I’m not entirely sure what the situation was with that. Tagging @Richard_Lanyon just to make sure he sees this.

Sorry to disabuse you. I can produce the watermark failure (albeit erratically) with no changes to userlibrary.xml and no changes to any default fonts.

The factory settings just have it set to Source Sans Pro without any parent so it works. (Or at least works for me.) It’s only when Print Watermark Font is set with a parent that it stops working. The last time I modified my Font Styles was prior to the release of 4.3.20 and I had used a parent for the Print Watermark Font. Once 4.3.20 was released it seems like any files from File/New won’t display a watermark if there is a parent for that font style, either newly set or legacy. Manually setting the style without a parent works fine.

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Sorry for all the pictures, but here are five states I’ve achieved in one project:
Possibly, if you add a watermark in layout A, whilst layout B is set to Mono, then Layout B is disabled. You can recover it by setting it to Colour, going to a different layout and setting a watermark there. When you return, it is enabled.

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It’s the greyed out Watermark checkbox I can’t reproduce anymore. Clearly I did back in my first post in this thread, but I can’t figure out what conditions recreate it now. I definitely never had your 3rd pic, with the watermark appearing but the box greyed out. After closing and restarting Dorico, do you have steps that reliably make the checkbox greyed out? If so, I’ll see if I can reproduce them here.

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I don’t know why it seems buggy to me. I’m sure the team will fix it in the next update

New project. Print mode.
Set all layouts to Graphic/colour. (All watermarks are available)
Set one layout to graphic/mono. Go to another layout and set a watermark.
Return to first layout and watermark is disabled.

To enable it. Set it to graphic/colour. Go to a different layout and return.

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Yep, that’s reproducible for me too.

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The problem with the Watermark checkbox not being disabled or enabled right away is simply caused by a missing update to the UI when the state of the Mono/Color toggle buttons are changed.

If the print watermark doesn’t display when expected, it’s because the Print Watermark Font has its size set to the Staff relative rather than Absolute. For boring technical reasons this font style has to have an Absolute size specified.


Great thanks for the clarification @dspreadbury :pray:t2::musical_note: