Creating Samples out of Halion 6 for eDrum

I would like to create samples from Halion6 (in Cubase 10.5) for an eDrum (Roland SPD-SX or TM-2).
The samples should have the maximum volume (normalized) and, if possible, mono.
Current workflow:
-Load the program with the relevant sample into the slot rack.
-Create an instrument track with one event.
-Use render in place with the settings.
-Load the sample from the folder into the eDrum.


  1. With [Render in Place] I can’t adjust the volume anywhere so that the sample is 0dB and played as loud as the other samples in the eDrum.
  2. [Render in Place] only generates stereo samples and I would like to have them mono (I could convert them, but that is again cumbersome and an additional work step)

Is there any neat way to do this in as few steps as possible? Maybe even straight from Halion 6? With almost 100 samples, the effort is otherwise quite enormous.

I am probably just blind and don’t see an easy way out.
I am grateful for every suggestion.
Best regards, Uli

HALion 6 (latest version) , Cubase 10.5 (latest Version) Windows 10