Creating SATB/Piano part from within a Score

I frequently compose works for SATB/Piano with orchestra. I understand how to create groups form scratch, but is there a way to create a stand-alone SATB/Piano part from within the score that would show as part like the other instruments? My current solution is to create a new SATB/Piano layout and copy/paste from the score into that. Not a big deal, and it works quite well.

  1. Create a new part layout using the music stand icon at the bottom right corner of Setup mode.
  2. Select the empty part layout in the right panel of Setup mode.
  3. Tick the relevant SATB and piano players in the left panel of Setup mode.
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Thank you! Figured there had to be an easier way.:slightly_smiling_face:

This topic in the manual provides a “case study” example at the end, of a multi-movement work and the various layouts it might require.

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Lillie, you and the Dorico ream (and forum members) are amazing! Thank you.