Creating scene markers in Nuendo


I am trying to figure out the best way to create cycle markers that cover entire scenes to make it easy to cut BGs. I’ve been trying to use the EDL import but it creates markers for each cut instead of each scene and then I have to do a lot of manual work in order to create markers that cover the full length of the scene.

Scene Detection with EDL files I saw this in the manual where it looks like there should be a way to auto generate scene markers but the instructions aren’t very clear here. I’m wondering if anyone has used this feature and could help me figure out what I actually need to do in order to get my scenes to populate markers.

Also if there’s an easy way to just combine cycle markers that might work for me to. So far the only way I’ve found is to delete most of the cycle markers and then extend a cycle marker to cover the whole scene but there doesn’t seem to be a key command to delete markers from the marker window so I have to open the functions menu for every group I want to delete.

Just wondering what solutions if any people have to make this a bit less of a manual process.

I would select multiple cycle markers in 1 scene and use the shortcut to ‘create markers marker from selected events’ on a (different) marker track. this way you keep it clean.

another option is to do it on the same track and delete the older cycle markers.

maybe another option is to use ‘add next to selection’ shortcut… but not sure if that actually looks at markers or at audio events…

lot’s of options!

If you can’t get a scenes-EDL from the Video editors, then your only solution is to create markers from the video edit. Indeed, it is detecting each cut, not each scene. But how would it be able to know where a scene starts and ends?

In this case, I detect the cuts in the video which will create a marker track with all of the cuts.
Underneath I create a new one.
I lasso the cycle markers within the scene and create a new marker.
I have made a Key command which combines “set locators to selection”, “Create new marker”, Select in Marker Window" (or something of that kind) which allows me to enter a text.


This is what i was describing right?

“EDL CMX3600 files can also be used for scene detection. Scene detection can be useful if you want to fill specific sections of your project with a certain background atmosphere. To do so, set the locators to the cycle marker and select Edit > Functions > Fill Loop. On import, each scene is indicated by a colored cycle marker.”

In the link I posted it says that there is a way to detect scenes from the EDL and that it will create colored cycle markers per scene. I’m just not sure how to actually get it to detect the scene. Is it just automatic and my EDL is missing the information it needs in order to do the scene detection? The “Fill loop” thing seems to be for pasting audio after you’ve already done the import since it wants you to already have cycle markers and I don’t see any options on the import dialog to choose between clip markers or scene markers.

I just wanted to describe how I deal with this. (I.e. The Macro Key Command)
As for scene detecting … how can the application (any application) know which series of cuts is a “scene”? And what to do with fades?

So unless you get a scenes-EDL from the video people, you are on your own.


Did you read the link to the manual that I posted? It outlines pretty clearly how it knows what a scene is it just doesn’t say how to get it to look for that information on import.

Nuendo supports the following ways of scene naming:

Number scene naming (25-3-5) where the first number signifies the scene, the second the setting or shooting angle, and the third the take number.

As separators, the following characters can be used:

comma ,

semicolon ;

full stop .

hyphen -

underscore _

slash /

backslash \

Clip scene naming

If the EDLs dont correspond to the basic scene format above you will have to reformat the EDL to get it to recognise the scenes.

It’s not super difficult but involves either a bit of text editor wizardry or some programming skills.

The scenes have clip names but it seems like it might not combine clips into scenes and it just imports everything with the same color. I ended up just using the project logical editor to assign colors based on a name so that I can see the color blocks even though the clips themselves aren’t combined.