Creating separate drum tracks with midi

I am fairly new to mixing and recording in general. I am seeing lots of stuff on the internet about doing certain things to the kick or the snare for example, but I have mostly been using groove agent as of late. I am looking for a solution to editing individual drum hits. In groove agent, it is all treated as one track. How could I either make them separate tracks or edit individual sounds from within? I especially want to be able to use the cycle function to record beats using a midi keyboard. Is there a way to do this? Or should I just create separate tracks and individually record each one? Thanks

Create a vst rackinstrument (F11) choose all outputs. In groove agent - press kick pad and assign output1, press snare then assign output2 etc… You turn the button " clockwise (the one on the right).

In 7.5 you can even do that using just an Instrument Track with multiple outputs rather than a Rack Instrument (f11), to reduce the clutter some more.

And if you’ve already created your drum track (with all your drums) on one MIDI track, you can “dissolve” the midi track to separate tracks.

Thanks for the reply guys. That helped a ton. The new groove agent is really cool, but now I realize that there are multiple outputs for each instrument, which is a huge breakthrough for me. Thanks a ton.

any ideas on how to do the same thing with Halion Sonic. I can do the outputs just fine, but how could you get different timbres on the same track? Just curious.

For drums? Use a drum map that maps each group (i.e snares, hats, kicks) to a different midi channel. Load multiple instances of the drumkit (don’t worry, they share memory) and set each to different input and output channels.