Creating slurs that start on a note, but aren't attached to anything at their ending

if I’m not wrong, it’s impossible to turn off the magnetic layout in Dorico, so my question is - is it possible to recreate something like those “slurs”?

I wrote this in “Symphony Pro” for iOS where you can shape slurs in any way imagined, so it seemed like a good idea, but I wanted to retype the score in Dorico now and I don’t know how to recreate them. Slurs here are used to mark beginnings of thematic elements throughout the piece and I think it’s nice for them to be kept in this form.


If you have Dorico Pro, you can reshape slurs in Engrave mode by moving their handles. If you don’t have Pro, I’m afraid the slurs can only be fixed to note heads.


I’m using Dorico Pro (sorry I didn’t mention at the beginning) thanks a lot, works great!