Creating spectrum very slow after crash

While creating a OSQ file my computer crashed and from that moment creating a spectrum is very, very slow. I use the spectrum tab very often, I like it very much, but now it takes a lot of time. Is this a problem of my operating system (W7) or has the crash done harm to Wavelab (7.2.1). How do I solve this problem?

The spectrum display is directly related to the number of samples to analyse. Maybe you are trying to analyse a large file?

Yes, I am analyzing large files (24bit/96KHz, 25 minutes) and I am used to waiting a little while, maybe 30 seconds. But now (after the crash) it takes almost three minutes. I’ve cleaned the cash. At the moment I’m monitoring the processors and it looks like every 15 seconds Wavelab uses 100% of the CPU of one of the processors and 40% of another while doing nothing. Do I need to reinstal Wavelab?

I don’t have an explanation. Rather than reinstallation, try to remove (at least temporarily), your preferences located there:
AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\

Thanks a lot! I just renamed the file general.dat to general_old.dat and that was enough. Wavelab created a new general.dat and now creates the spectrum in about 25 seconds instead of three minutes. So the crash one way or another corrupted the general.dat file. But I’ve lost some settings now. Can you tell me what kind of settings are kept in general.dat?

These settings are most of the settings you find in dialogs and menus, but it is not the presets you save, neither shortcuts. I sent you a PM too.