Creating Teaching Material with Dorico

Hi there,
I am a piano teacher and want to create an online course for sight reading. My questions:

  1. Is Dorico doing a good job in creating teaching material? Like: Headings, Explainer Text-Blocks, Notes?

  2. Can I do a screen record and teach right away out of Dorico like triggering the playbacks, etc.?

  3. Is there any good turorial/resource on creating teaching material with Dorico? In Youtube i found only for Musescore.

Thank you so much in advance everybody!

One thing that might be worth considering for 1. is to use the very useful graphic slices feature in Dorico to export the notation bits as graphics and use a more bespoke software like InDesign, Affinity Publisher (or even Word) or so for creating the text material and laying everything out. Might be easier than trying to make Dorico do the heavy lifting there.

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This video is from a few years ago, so more features and capabilities have been added since then, but it shows some good fundamental principles of how Dorico’s flexibility lets you create music worksheets really easily and beautifully:

For example.

You can do all the Layout in Dorico if you want to.

screenrecording and "teaching out of Dorico, with additional apps yes. But There‘s no “stream to YouTube button” build in.

too late….

this is a great idea. I am familiar with indesign and Affinity Publisher. The reason I want to do all in Dorico is: I teach with an OBS Stream and just want to go through the screen and start the playback at some point, which would not be possible in Affinity.