creating temolos...

ok… checked the manual and checked the forum. there is no clear guidance about creating tremolos. there are definitions galore and those i don’t need. why does this seem to be so difficult? why isn’t there some easy menu item or icon item or SOMETHING that allows one to create tremolos easily?

it’s much too obscure…

Tremolos are found in ‘repeat structures’. Select the note you want, go to ‘repeat structures’ (on the right) and select the tremolo you need. You can also invoke the popover (Shift + R) and input /// (slashes). If you want 3 beams on the tremolos, use 3 slashes. If more (or less) you can use 4,5 or 2,1. “Z” will also give you the ‘z on stem’.

Hope this helps.

thanks! i finally found them. it seems so odd to put them in a section for ‘repeats’. i know tremolos are repeated notes but to place them with ‘repeats’ and having them associated with the traditional ‘repeat’ icon to access them makes them graphically obscure.

You can also simply enter 1, 2, 3, etc instead of slashes.

And to remove a tremolo from a note, type Shift-R, 0.

Thanks Dan, I didn’t know about 1,2,3. Another great shortcut to add to the list.