creating templates

Can someone kindly remind me of how to do the following? :

I’ve edited an existing instrument and now I want to save it as a template. Can I save it as an instrument? Or, failing that, how to save a Layout or Project as a template?

Any suggestions warmly received … I got lost in the jungle of Dorico Help !

The full scenario is this: I want to modify an instrument (the Kora) so that it includes TAB (although it’s not a fretted instrument, I’m using the TAB facility differently - see screenshot). I have used a Classical Guitar instrument, with TAB (I have modified this TAB). So far, so good. Now I just want to save it so that when I choose ‘Kora’ from the Dorico instrument setup lists, my modified instrument loads.

Just save the project somewhere safe - you can delete the flows from it. Depending on your operating system there’ll be a way of saving the file as read-only, forcing you to save a copy when you next open it (to start another project that uses the kora).

yep, read-only is a good option! thanks very much.