Creating ties between 2 notes with different enharmonic spellings (Pro 5)

I’d like to create a tie (not slur) between 2 adjacent notes, with different but equivalent enharmonic spellings, e.g. eb->d#. Is this possible? It is not critical for presentation, but would be a nice option.

Put the second note in a different voice. Then select both notes and tie them together.

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How do I then merge the two voices back to a single voice, with the resulting tie intact?

You can’t. You can use the Edit > Remove Rests command to get rid of the extraneous rests. As long as they both have voices with the same stem direction, they should display correctly.
Is there another reason you want everything in one voice? e.g. playback routing.

Works nicely, thanks!

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You can also have a single “real” note and then select the notehead in the tie chain that should have a different enharmonic spelling and change its spelling in Engrave mode. No need to use two voices in that case.


Wow, how long has been that been there? Not sure how I missed it!

Could someone please show this more in detail? I’m interested in this question but I don’t understand the solutions, like Daniel’s etc. TIA.

Say you have two E-flat notes tied together and want the second to show as D#.
Go to Engrave Mode and select the 2nd tied note.
Press Opt- to respell to D#.

If on Windows, use Alt instead of Opt.

Thanks! Is there a “reset”? I shifted the notes up/down in Write mode and that reset it, but perhaps there is a more elegant way to do it, with a “switch” or similar.

I don’t recall a reset for spelling. I usually do what you did.


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Nice and simple! Thanks.

A long time ago! Maybe v.2, maybe even 1.2 :wink:

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Thanks Marc. Now sure how I missed that one. Maybe I’m just getting forgetful in my old age. :slight_smile: