Creating triplets by starting with a (dotted) sixteenth (semiquaver)

Buongiorno a tutti!

How can I input a 1/16- triplet starting with a dotted 1/16- pause followed by a 1/32 and ended with a 1/16?
Thank you in advance for your help on Sundays!

Tanti saluti!

tuplet popover: 3:2-4
, 4Y 3Y
, (stop rest input)
3c 4c

This is completely standard note entry texhnique, nothing fancy and not a special workaround. Have a look in the manual about explicitly entering rests.

Thank You!
But nevertheless I have to use „force duration“ to get a dotted 1/16 rest at the beginning!

Sorry, yes I forgot yoou wanted a dotted rest. Force Duration is the go.

I believe you have to use “force duration” because industry standard is not use dotted rests.