Creating various versions of a piece

Hi Daniel,
I’m not sure I get it yet about flows and stuff so let me pose a simple question.
Suppose I have a piece with various parts but I want to play it with different players, different instruments and different arrangements from time to time and from one group of musicians to another. Can I have a “mother version” of it and quickly and easily make an arrangement for when my 14 musicians will be 5 or 8 at another occasion?

Yes, you could approach this in a couple of different ways. Either you could have all of those instruments part of the same flow (which makes copying and pasting music between them easier), and then simply include/exclude particular instruments from particular layouts, or you could have multiple flows with different instrumentation, and then include only that flow in another score layout. It’s quite a flexible system and should adapt to different kinds of workflows.

Thank you Daniel, that sounds as beautiful as I was hoping.

One of the workflows that we had in mind while we were developing the Flows and Layouts concept was that you might be producing (eg) a choral piece with orchestra, but you also wanted to have a piano reduction for rehearsals. You would then create the full score Layout and exclude the rehearsal piano from it, and create a new Layout for piano + choir. So you can maintain it all inthe same document.

Great great great!