Creating VEPro Temp on Single Computer for Networked System

Hi Everyone,

I have recently ordered a Mac Mini to use as my primary computer and will be converting my existing PC to a primarily VEPro server computer. The Mac arrives Monday and I figured I’d get a head start building my template and creating a Dorico Playback Template to go with it.

Does anyone know if there would be any issues moving the Dorico Playback Template I create from a single computer setup to a networked setup, or should I just wait to connect it up till I have the mac?

I don’t know enough about how using VE Pro on another computer works to be sure, but if you need to use a different VST device on the host computer (e.g. you load some kind of special network plug-in rather than loading VE Pro directly), then you might want to wait to set it up, because the playback template needs to include saved endpoint configurations for each plug-in: if you need to use a different plug-in to connect to VE Pro on your other machine, you should wait to set it up.

It occurs to me that you might find more folks familiar with this setup if you posed this question on the Cubase forum.

Been awhile … last I did was the BBCSO using the excellent Dorico supplied template, I think what I did was load up the version in Dorico, then went into each VST screen (using the ‘e’ button in the Play tracks) and save out from there the settings to a file. Then in VEPro I added the same VST and loaded up those settings. This way I made sure the articulations mapped across properly.

I broke the orchestra into Choirs, so Wind, Brass, Perc, Keys and Strings (called Groups or something in VEP). Then in a new file in Dorico I set the VEP client VST, pointing to the proper Choir and MIDI channel.

Straightforward but a little tedious. I can’t remember why I felt that saving the VST articulation setting was important in Dorico though, now it seems like that might be overkill but I probably did it for a reason.

Connecting to VEP on the local computer or another computer isn’t really any different from within Dorico

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I think John’s question was about setting up a two-computer VEP server/client setup using his old computer as the VEP server and a client VEP on his new, yet-to-arrive computer.

Certainly your advice on how one might arrange instrument assignments on the server makes a lot of sense.

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Sounds to me like the question is moving a playback template from single computer to networked VEP which I answered, but I’m probably blind this morning :grin: Regardless this question has probably been over answered already …