Creating VST-Audio bounce in Cubase Elements 8.5

Is there a way to route from a VST bus to an Audio bus in Cubase Elements 8.5? It would seem that there’s no way of routing a channel output to a channel input as the input routing cannot see the output bus connections. Does anyone have a work round for this ?

Hi Daveyk, I have the same problem, not being able to route the output of a VST bus to the input of an audio bus. Not even when I use group tracks or FX tracks in between. Despite the fact that the possibility is mentioned in the manual, it won’t work. It probably is a restriction of Elements. I have decided to upgrade to Artist (hope this will work, I’ll let you know).

Hi Daveyk, I tried with Artist, but no succes. According to the Pro/Artist manual it should be possible to use group tracks for this purpose, but I cannot choose a group track as input for an audio track. Recording from internal bus is not a feature in Artist. I have asked Steinberg for a reaction. In the meanwhile I downloaded the trial version of Pro and I could make the connections in no time. So now it is for me to decide whether I am going to pay another eur 200 for the upgrade from Artist to Pro. I realise that all this doesn’t solve your question, but maybe it will give you some extra background information to tackle the problem. Good luck!