Creating Worksheet With Blank Staves

I’m a Private music teacher trying out Dorico 5 Elements.
I just need a way to efficiently create blank staves with instructions above them.
Is there is a way to do that without any notes, bar, lines, or rests that extend the full width of the page? I also can’t find a way to hide notes bar lines and time signatures as a work around.

The engraving section seems to be complete useless unless dealing with something that is full of music already. When you set up a project with no meter or bars it only has a single quarter rest that your looking at and you can’t do anything with that unless you compose music as there is nothing that lets you stretch the staff out to the end of the page with out having notes to space.
Are those functions behind the Dorico Pro paywall? If so is it useful for creating custom teaching materials?

PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK TO THE EVIL AVID OVERLORDS! They have such an abusive subscription policy.

Does this do the trick for ya?


@litchfieldzm , welcome to the forum.

I believe you can do what you want in Elements. Here is a demo project.
blankStavesInElements.dorico (543.3 KB)