Creating your own libraries (vstsound files)

If I make two Halion instrument and export it as a VST3, can I bring those instruments back into Halion and layer them, or do I need to do Halion presets and VST3 if I want both the vst and layering capacity of Halion?

Not sure if I understand entirely what you mean, but HALion presets can be dragged anywhere in the program tree or on slots. So layering and splitting is easily possible in many ways.

Halion can authorize VST3 plugins, right. It can also save Halion presets.

So, can Halion 7 read these Halion generated VST3’s and load them in a slot (basically is it treated the same as a preset)?
Or must I also save a H7 specific preset if I want to import it again into Halion?

HALion cannot create nor open VST3 plugins.

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Thank you.

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