Creative Beat question

Maybe someone can give me an advice on this:
Sometimes I find a drum beat in mediabay wich I really like. I change the beat with som analog rack anf give it some reverb. I play a bass part and really like how it sounds. BUT the beat is just a beat. If i want to go further and do a hole song. what is the best solution for the beat. Is it to “replicate” the sound with some vst 3 part plugin. Or to chop it up. I am thinking a pop/rock song. I want to have variations on the beat. But all I have is a perfect 4 bar beat.

Any advice?


I don’t know, if it will work… Try to use Celemony Melodyne. It has polyphonic algorithm of sound detection. It should works to split whole sound beat to different sounds. You can work with it than.

Add more cowbell of course :laughing:

But serious, best way is to (re)program the drums yourself! This way you have total freedom, composition- and mix wise.

When the loop contains all the elements you want, slicing 'm up is the easiest alternative.

If you use hitpoints to detect the hits and slice up the part, you can load all the short bits in Groove Agent and trigger them from there, creating different rhytms from the same sounds.