Creative new file of an event

Hi there,
Is it possible to create a new file of an event in the project window and save it in a different location under a new name?

Probably the quickest way is to export the event as a new audio file.
“Export Audio Mixdown” in the file menu.

This will give you all the options you want.

Solo the track containing the event, place the locators around the event.
Then go to file/export/audio mixdown.

Select event => Bounce
Or in the Pool: Right-click and chose “New Version”.


Thanks for your suggestions and workarounds. But, why not creating a new export function: “export event”.
I would like that a lot and use it oo.


BTW Fredo, I did not fint “event bounce” in my pc version

Right-clik on event/Audio/Bounce Selection.
Or by default the Key Command “B” (If I am not mistaking)

Render in place is an upcoming feature in Nuendo 7.



Does that facilitate saving in a new location?
I thought bounce just bounced the file down to the current project pool.
I often use the bounce function and never get a prompt asking me
where I would like to save the file.

Am I missing something with the bounce feature?

All files that are created within the DAW reside in the Audio or Edits project folder.
If you want them to be saved in another location, then you need to export them and point them to the new location.

I just pointed to this process because it might offer a solution for the OP.
But it really depends on what the OP wants to do.

For example, I am using the “region” function a lot for these kind of things.
Create Regions within an event/select all recgions/bounce. (In this case you can choose the location)


Thanks for explaining Fredo.