Creative SB X-Fi Surround Pro 5.1 USB works with cubase asio?


I wanted a second /cheap/ usb multi out sound card for my car audio setup using cubasis for surround setup.

Anyone using creative labs sound blaster family with cubase ?

The main question is that works ok with ASIO drivers ?

I don’t like ASIO4all or something like this. Stability is the most important, latency do not matter.

Thanks in advance,

With Asio for all …I might be mistaken but i think it the way you have to configure the card, if your using optical audio out on windows you use the SP-dif out, however
if you turn on dolby etc it then returns to soublster Z (in my case) try turning off dolby see if it works then

Thanks for the reply. I have dropped that project… (And sorry that I missed your post, just realized your reply )