Creativity first?

The last couple of days i’ve spent a bit of time on this forum - reading all the concerns and fights. All the opinions and I tried to figure out where did we go wrong. When did we stop aiming for “Creativity First”. According to Steinberg’s slogan this is more important for them as a company, the fact that the provide us with tools to be creative. Has the world gotten to a place where shareholders is worth more than customers.

As soon as a topic is started, and it becomes an attack the topic is closed. We dont fix the problems we just delay it. Frustrating more customers. I agree there is some bugs in 7.0.6, and yes i could work around them.

I love cubase, as a matter of fact i’ve converted hardcore protools fans to cubase. We all fell in love with SX3. 6.5 was amazing. I really hope that 7.5 would would light the passion for creativity first. Like i felt when i first touched sx3.

I will buy 7.5.

I just have on question for Steinberg. Can you please provide us, the user and paying customers with a roadmap of where cubase is going. Like for instance, when can we expect multitrack audio warping? Is there some agreement in place with Steinberg and avid that they would not implement this?

I love making music, more that trying to fix software or plugins. Please Steinberg, and this is not a fight… Please make 7.5 amazing again…

Its all about the bottom line and dividends to shareholders bro. This is what has killed the USA et al.


I said to my wife the other day, what has happened to people. Are these the same persons we grew up with in the generation of peace and love. They have become greedy, selfish, me first mother effers.

This is the way of the world. There was really never any change … My .02

Greed is relative. To the kid living on three grains of rice a day, a guy with a gallon of water and a loaf of bread to his name might appear greedy if he doesn’t share. Now please excuse me, I need to go stand in a line. I absolutely MUST have the new smartphone.

As to the creativity vs. profit discussion, I agree that, if we do not feel we are getting a good value in a product, we should choose not to buy it. That way, they will have to offer us a better product (or a lower price).

I believe steinberg’s new sales model is affective in the sense that the generate income consistently. If i we don’t buy the update, and 8 is available we will pay more for 7 to 8 than for 7.5 to 8. It feel like we are made to believe we need to stay in the loop. And that is why i most prob will buy it. Not because i need any new feature. Just because i hope i one day do… And then it would be cheaper.

If mutli track warping was in here… I would have paid so much more.

Or “creativity first” and buy a .5 upgrade (those are the cheapest) and activate it when the time is right for you :wink:

Love your screen name, Mr. Quavers!

I think Cubase is just a tool. Creativity is up to us! I love Cubase, by the way, and I hope they generate good income consistently for a long time to come! I continue to be awed by the fact that for a relatively small sum, and with a reasonably powerful computer, you replace an entire music studio, including some of the side men, and you get a score too. You really cannot blame lack of output on the tool these days! Thanks to every single person who works at Steinberg!


Well said!

Sure seems like that’s it in a nutshell!

To the kid living on three grains of rice a day, a guy with a gallon of water and a loaf of bread to his name might appear greedy

Jaslan, thanks for the tweak in my perspective…I seemed to have forgotten the ladder or those below it