Creators update and video codec

Hi, windows installed creators update without me knowing it and now cubase video lags a little. I don´t know what could it be, but…
do you have suggestions for formats and codecs that play nice with the 9.5 video engine, so I can make some tests?


Can you roll back to your previous build?
I had problems with the latest “Creators update” and I rolled back, everything is back to normal.
I running Win 10 Pro, don’t know if that makes a difference, but I can’t understand why Microsoft, always,has to break things with their new updates
very frustrating to say the least

I can´t seem to roll back, the files aren´t there…

So, any advice for codecs and formats?

Anybody has had video problems with the update, I can´t go back and it video playback is terrible. I would kill for some advice on codecs or something to fix this issue.

Not helpful to the OP but there are ways to defer the creator update

Everything got better when I updated the video card drivers, would be good to check that out if you run into similar troubles