"Creatures Of The Ocean"

And oldie remixed. An odd song about mermaids. :nerd:
Vocals: Wolf Menzel and Faye Han

"Creatures Of The Ocean"

Consistent must be your middle name! all your stuff is consistently good :slight_smile:

like the female vocalist奸ovely voice, everything sounded really good an my system如layed it right loud I did :smiley:

another very smooth bass多ow do you do that? :confused:

best, Kevin

Cheers Kevin! :slight_smile:

another very smooth bass多ow do you do that? > :confused: >

Nothing too complicated in fact, maybe thats the secret? :wink: The bass is simply a MIDI line playing the Fingered Music Man sample in HalionSE. On the out channel I have VST Amp Rack (blank), EQ and a wee bit of room.

yeah存imple, thats the clever part妃ade a note of that for my mini epic which is nearing completion :slight_smile:

great stuff as usual, i would like to have heard you do the lead vocals though Ian, just seemed a tad middy on my system . but good stuff .

Actually , it never occurred to have a shot at singing this one myself. I guess in the spirit of collaboration at the time I was quite happy for others take care of the vocals and of course you then generally just have to accept and work with the voices that are on offer! Wolf does a pretty good job and is amazing with his BV/harmony vocal arrangements (on this and many other songs) but perhaps his timbre is a little too rock for this song. If I had an unlimited choices of voices to choose from Id probably go for a younger boy band kind of voice for the male vocal actually. :slight_smile: