Creepy melodic instrumental track: Dark Glitter

I just finished a new track called Dark Glitter. I wanted to create something relatively dark, psychedelic and creepy, but still melodic. I think I got the mood that I wanted,

Curious to know what you think, hope you enjoy!

I used Cubase 6, sounds from Komplete 8 , HalionSonic, CCC2 by East West and some movie, electric guitar.

Thanks in advance!

Yes nice stuff, could even have spooky melodies over the chords and that would maybe make it sound a bit more complete, cause at the moment it seems to be missing something ,by the way i like the chords,nice drum programming also,the title suits the tune .well done.

Yeah, a nice glittery celesta or glockenspiel or something kinda of melody would be great. Loved the chords though, nice and smooth with some darkness. Drums fit in really nicely too. Good stuff overall, I enjoyed listening.

creeped me out for sure…found it an atmospheric piece…thanks for sharing…Kevin

at 1:21 the beat drops, and it needs something on top of it. maybe some grimy vocals and a synth line? a crisp drum beat? but man!!! this is FIRE! bravo

I’m not really hearing or feeling very much ‘creepy’ to be honest… it’s a nice enough piece but not sure you’ve quite got there with the scary component yet! :sunglasses:

I like the effects you have going on here!