Cresc... collides with staff

These are the default settings. Not sure why it’s not moving the cresc… downwards.

It’s probably referencing the high G in the 3rd measure - it can’t move down without collisions. Widen the stave spacing? Or are you saying Dorico should widen the staves?

I’m saying that the default position of the dynamics shouldn’t collide with the notes in the staff to which the dynamics belong.

It’s more a matter of stave spacing. I thought Dorico would respace the staves to allow collision avoidance both above and below the text. Maybe that’s not possible.

By the way, this looks like a poco a poco moment. You can dispense with that drawn out text by initially entering cresc. poco a poco which gives the player a clear indication to look out for the target dynamic.

It’s quite easy to fix in a variety of ways; just bringing this to the attention of the team if there’s something lacking in the default spacing settings here.

I’d need to see the actual project to be able to offer an explanation for what is happening here.