'cresc.' creates a hairpin

I agree. They are not the same. Players and singers respond to them differently.

Hopefully everyone has downloaded Version - it now gives a hairpin with < or > and cresc or dim by typing that.

This is all very well and I understand the logic behind it, but if you enter cresc. in a score because it looks neater than a huge < covering several bars, Dorico automatically changes the setting in all the parts back to <. With a large number of instruments it can be quite a fag changing the marking back to what you wanted, especially if it occurs more than once.

Dear Joe,
The thread is like 2 years old, and post #22 stated that this issue had been resolved with the first Dorico update ever… How come you do not have the expected behavior, using Dorico Pro 2.2?

Marc, you have a valid point. Joe, Enter whatever you want in the score and then (with the dynamic selected) go Edit > Propagate Properties. It’s what it’s there for.

To be fair to Joe, I got bit by this last week. Input cresc., forgot to propagate. By the time I noticed the parts had hairpins, I didn’t want to propagate so had to change every instance… No accounting for dumb…

Steve, why wouldn’t you want to propagate? You know that you can propagate just one hairpin across parts, right?

You are, of course, right… I’d got used to propagating by selecting all then propagating. I’d forgotten that I could have filtered to what I wanted and saved a lot of time. When I said dumb…

Thanks both. I obviously need to read the small print more closely.