Cresc. hairpin question...

Hello community,

i am baffled… it took me quite a lot of clicks and keyboard alt-arrow moves to accomplish this scresc./decresc thing in 4/4:

What is the fastest way to do it?

Select both notes (the tremolo notes), type Shift+D, then type <> into the popover and hit Enter. You should find that there’s a square handle in the middle, between the two hairpins. You should be able to drag that left or right using either Alt+arrow keys or the mouse.

mmmh, try it out, it doesn’t work that way. I can’t move the middle handle to the left

You can adjust the mid-point in the Properties Panel under “Messa-di-voce”.


You’re correct. It’s probably because there aren’t any notes in between for Dorico to latch on to. It might be easier to enter the two hairpins separately, using the caret. You put the caret where you want the hairpin to start, type < (no need for Shift+D) then use Space to give it length. Initially the hairpin won’t show up at all, but it’ll show as soon as you’ve hit Space once. It’ll extend by the grid value, so make sure that that’s set how you want it.

This works, thank you!

But is there really no way to grab the middle handle with the mouse or some alt-arrow movement?
Just for workflow reasons, i can’t do this 10x in a row…

No, but you can type an exact number straight into the inflection textbox.
You could also select one messa di voce and alt-click it elsewhere, and it’ll hang on to its inflection settings.

Dear Doricians,
I’m doing a work where those messa di voce are everywhere, and it’s merely a <> sign, centered on the note. The messa di voce tool does not seem to be the best one in this case (the length of the two parts is not equal depending on the context, not what I need) so I will use a new playing technique for that. I just write this here, in order to give a good hint to new users who might find it useful when they need the same messa di voce “accents” as I do.
It’s called “soft accent” in the page (U+ED40)