Cresc marking placement differs from staff to staff

I am working on re-engraving a public domain piece of music for concert band. I am a little under half way done. I am trying to stick to the original as much as possible, and therefore I am using cresc… or dim… whenever needed, and not hairpins.

I am working mostly in galley view to input the parts.

Every now and then, when I input a cresc…f, the starting point is not directly under the note, and other times it is. I am confused about what is causing this. See pic below. The top staff is correctly shown, and the second staff has an offset.

Sometimes, even though it is drawn incorrectly in galley view of the score, it is drawn correctly in part in page view. And sometimes it is not.

Here is an example of the offset in page view of the part.
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 15.21.32

Here is a correct example from the same part:
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 15.22.48

I believe it might be affected by the rests, but unsure.

Another part as to why the confusion… Bar 147 in first flow. Contrabass Clarinet the cresc is directly under the note, while the Bari sax and bass sax show offsets. Not to mention the offset of the saxes varies between the staves. (see pic below - Contrabass Clarinet top staff shown, sax staves are the bottom 2)

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 15.29.55

Does any one have any possible insight? I am trying to post the file, in case it helps, but the file is too big.

Thank you,

There should be a pinned post (although I can’t seem to search for pinned posts so I’m afraid I can’t seem to find it now, ironically) that gives recommendations on attaching files.

For example, delete any extra flows, delete all music material not pertinent to the question, set playback template to the default. Might be a couple other things to do to that’ll shrink the size down.

I’m not exactly sure which staves are which instruments in the pic without the labels, but, it looks like those 3 in the middle aren’t linked with everyone else. What input method are you using? The carat?

I do see what you mean about the last stave being offset to the right relative to the top and second-from-bottom staves, which are all linked together - so that does seem to me to be an error.

One can apply the Silent Playback Template to reduce the size, but the real space saver would be to make a copy and then create an excerpt that includes only one or two examples of the problem areas.

It looks like the problem is caused by shifting of the gradual dynamic to join it up with an immediate dynamic at its end, and the presence of a barline. A short excerpt that exhibits the problem should be sufficient for us to look into it.


I emailed you the file. I was unable to recreate it issue with a small sample made from a new file.


To add more information to this issue, I read into another unexpected behavior with this same file (I have continued to add music to the score).

Option (on Mac) + Shift + right arrow does NOT lengthen the dynamics in the excerpt below:

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 20.24.10

I can, however, drag with the mouse the end dynamic to the upbeat of 4. But the command did not work, including trying to invoke from the menu option. Upon saving the file and returning to it the next day, the keyboard command did indeed work.

Earlier this morning, I continued to add music to the same score, and ran into a similar issue where the keyboard command Option + Shift + right arrow did not work.

Once again, the keyboard command did not work, but I could however drag with the mouse to put the FF under the dotted half note.

I have noticed both of these behaviors after using Dorico 5 for well over 30-40 minutes. In some cases after many hours of work.

I can resend the entire file to you Daniel, with the newly added parts if you need me to.

Thank you again,

And as I expected… shutting down Dorico for the 10-15 minutes I needed to write the above post, and then reopening the file. Trying the second excerpt from above, the keyboard command works as expected.

I hope this helps in some meaningful way.

If it matters, Apple M1 Mac mini, 16 GB Ram, macOS13.4, 100 GB hard drive space left.

Thank you,

I have also noticed, that the shifting occurs when you add the dotted continuation line. Not sure if that helps, but I just saw it, and thought I would add the information.