Cresc. -sf interaction

Getting some strange behavior. The sf indications seem to stop the cresc. in its tracks whether indicated with dashes
cresc. with sf
or with a hairpin:

hairpin and sf

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Yes, I believe this is by design. An immediate dynamic will stop a gradual one.

I recall there’s a way to make these overlap, but I think it requires some Dorico-fu.

The problem is that sf is not an “intermediate dynamic.” It’s an accent mark.

I understand, but that’s how it’s categorized in Dorico.


As @dan_kreider says, the sF (even if is in the category Force/Intensity of Attack in Dynamics Panel) will stop the lines or hairpin.

The workaround is (after defining two separate hairpins) to set manually the apertures of the hairpin in engrave mode.
[Edit: no workaround needed: see the right method explained below by @LAE ]

Pictures as example:


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If you just activate the caret and then type shift+D, p< enter, space bar a few times, shift+D, sf< enter, space bar again a few times, and you will get the continuous hairpin if the engraving settings are correctly set. No need for engrave mode adjustments.

Or does sf behave different from P or F?

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Hi @LAE , yes this works!!! Thank you so much for remembering the caret+spacebar method!

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Thank you everyone, but I shouldn’t have brought up the hairpin; it was intended as additional information. I need a cresc. followed by continuous dashes with sf accents on the indicated notes.

I did try the suggestion involving the space bar, but I couldn’t make it work for cresc. - - - - or a hairpin. And I really didn’t understand the process at all .

I am sorry, but an sf accent, like a fz or sfz accent, behaves nothing like a dynamic sign like p or f etc. and should never have been classed as one. One can’t have a p and a f dynamic applied simultaneously to a single voice (I am not talking about a fp, of course), but one can combine dynamics and accent marks simultaneously.

In any case, if this is not possible, I will create an sf playing technique.


I tried it now and it does not work with cresc. and dashes.
Here is the procedure in case you once will need the notation with hairpins. Note that the caret must be activated for note input.
consecutive hairpin

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Thanks, LAE. that made it very clear. However, although I don’t normally use that style of interrupted hairpins, it could come in handy in tight situations. Another one for the tool kit.

If you flip the sf above the staff, add the Cresc…, and then manually drag the sf down, then you get this:

You have to turn on ‘erase background’ for the sf, too.


Ah! There’s the solution. Works great!. Thanks so much, Ben.

I think I do it the other way round usually. The cresc… as a local dynamic flipped on top then moved down in Engrave mode, and all immediate dynamics as normal dynamics. Less stuff to move in Engrave mode (same logic as harmonics and lines or slurs)

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Hi @benwiggy and @MarcLarcher ,
I tried, but erase background doesn’t work for me. As soon as i activate it and the sF is selected it shows the erasing, but as soon as I deselect the sF (erase background still active), it doesn’t erase the background. What I am missing? Thank you!

but after deselecting:

Nevermind, I found it: with the dotted line continuation the background wont be erased: I switched to dashed line and it works! :slight_smile:

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