Crescendi lines get the pedal treatment

Would it be possible (or is it already and I’m just missing it?) to give crescendi lines the pedal line treatment? I would love, for the sake of clarity, to have an angled line here. Any ideas?

You can certainly angle hairpins and crescendo lines, via Engrave mode. Set the start and end Y-offsets.

cresc angle.png

Yes, but this doesn’t help me in the context of my example above. I thought about angling it just as you show, but then you still have to put in a new crest. marking at the secondary level and there’s no way to suppress the text.

I see. There is not currently multi-segment functionality for cresc lines.

I’m not sure such a usage would be common or desirable, but that’s just my opinion!

You could of course fake the second bit with the text tool.

Even a robust “line tool” would be useful here. Just start the cresc. marking and then use the line tool to polish it off. Personally I’m a pragmatist when it comes to engraving. I don’t give two hoots about “proper” usage of features. I’ll hack till kingdom come as long as I get the visual representation I’m after.