Crescendo in repeats - bug?

I have a pianoscore where a lot of the single bars are repeated up to 8 times.
In some of them I have put a crescendo, which I expect to continue over all the repeats. My problem is that they go back to the original volume after each repeat (8 times a bar, that sound a bit like a cracked record (anyone remember those?)).
If I have 2 bars inside the repeats it works as I expect.
Is this a bug, or am I missing some setting?

Does deactivating Reset dynamic level for short consecutive gradual dynamics of same direction on the Dynamics page of Playback Options help?

Thank you, Daniel, that did the trick! - I hadn’t scrolled down far enough.

Now that you’re here: I read an old entry about external clock on real-time midi input. At that time you asked if anyone knew a notation software with that feature. In the 90’s I used Musicator (I think that was almost a one-man project from Norwegian Jo Brodtkorp), and I won a couple of publishing jobs being so fast using the drums in my Clavinova as timer for real-time entry: that was extremely precise with no more than 5 minutes per page of (simple) sheet music.

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